Monday, July 1, 2013

Haul : MUA, Simple, Montagne Jeunesse, Nivea Pink Guava, Bath & Body Works Candle

Hello... bloggers!!!

MUA PROFESSIONAL Brush-On Concealer Pen (Radiance) - Left

MUA PROFESSIONAL Mosaic Bronzer (Natural Glow) - Middle

MUA Bronzer Shade 1 - Right

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud 

:: I like this clay masque. It really help absorb excess oils.

Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash

:: My new cleanser. I like it!

Left to Right :

Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser

:: I like it!

Simple Exfoliating Body Wash

:: my 2nd bottle. I love this body wash very much!

Simple Gentle Conditioner

:: non-sticky. I love it!

Simple Gentle Shampoo

:: makes my scalp feeling good!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (25's) + (25's)

:: I like this. makes my skin soft after removing makeup.

Listerine Natural Green Tea (Free)

Nivea Fruity Shine Pink Guava

NIVEA - for lips that love to talk, smile, laugh and kiss

Do you want soft care for your lips and explore new exotic fruity flavour?

The innovative formula of Nivea Fruity Shine with Pink Guava extract
and shimmering pigments combines long lasting moisturisation and 
an exotic fruity flavour, leaving a touch of pink colour on soft and smooth lips.

* Delights young delicate lips with fruity flavour and smoothing, long lasting care.

* Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy colour.

* Contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays.

** Skin compatibility dermatologically approved **

:: I love this. smells so.... good! and nice shimmering light pink color.

Bath & Body Works Mini Candle

Summer Boardwalk

Like memories of the best summer spent at beach -
caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted,
sweet cream

:: smells like Caramel Frapp (Starbucks) and popcorn! yummy!

Fresh Bamboo

Recharge and reset with this inspiring blend of sweet bamboo,
lush jasmine and wild grasses grounded with warm oak.

:: smells fresh floral. nice..


Apa kata anda? KOMEN je ...


  1. Great collection! one of the best highlights. i am gonna try the Simple Exfoliating Body Wash. :D Bath&Body Works mini candle in Summer Boardwalk smell sound amazing!! i want my room surrounded by the yummy scent. Thank you for reviews. Shopping time! :D

    1. hehehe.. keperluan diri, babe.. love your blog! i bookmark a lot of blogs include yours and read them all when im free on my Samsung.

    2. bestkan shopping? hehe.. thank you very much, dear. saya pun suka baca blog orang. hee.. :D

    3. yes. what a therapy and fun hobby :) my pleasure..and you very much welcome! :D

  2. dh tkr simple skrng ni pkai campur2 tp mcm ok jgk..asalkn jerawat xde..hehe..

    1. ya, dah tukar kepada Simple. hehe.. kalau campur2 tapi serasi ok la tu.:)

  3. Simple Exfoliating Body Wash tu takde kat Watson, Kuching la huhuhu.. cleanser, moisturiser, conditioner, facial wipes dan yg lain2 die sume ade.. i ended up beli 2 perfume dan hair serum Schwarzkopf extra care hehe

    I tak tahu ada tak branch Bath & Body works kat Kuching ni juga tapi ada seller dr semenanjung boleh dapat melalui online. :)

    1. oh, tiada ke? mungkin tempat lain ada jual Simple Exfoliating Body Wash tu. Hair serum Schwarzkopf tu sampai sekarang tak terbeli lagi. haha..

      Bath & Body Works tiada di Malaysia. saya beli pun melalui online. dah ramai seller jual candle BBW sekarang.:)

  4. yeah, i will check at Guardian or other stores very soon. :D Okla Schwarzkopf, i nak completekan satu set supaya rambutku cantik bermaya dan beralun hehehe :D

    Oh ye ke? patutlah i mcm ada tengok diaorang ada mention tentang outside country, i dah check jenis2 candle Bath & Body , memang menarik collection dan jenis2 bauan dia. thanks for review!

    1. kalau kedai BBW ada di Malaysia kan best. Victoria's Secret dah ada di KL. harap2 BBW pun ada nanti. candle BBW memang best. baunya sedap sangat. saya suka jenis 3-wick. besar tapi puas hati. cuma agak pricey sebab kira sekali dengan international tax. tu yang mahal. lagi pun personal order. int tax tu saya bayar seorang. kalau ramai order mungkin int tax tu dapat murah. lagi pun tak ramai seller berani jual yang 3-wick sebab besar dan berat. takut risiko pecah. setakat ni saya dapat 3 biji yang 3-wick, Alhamdulillah selamat tak pecah.:)

    2. ya mesti best..Kl banyak product boleh dapat..kalau BBW ada sekali, that would be good too. :) di Kuching, ada satu kedai yg menjual perfume Victoria's Secret original dah ada dah.. Sentiment shop at our local shopping complex. kalau tak, memang susah nak dapatkanlah sini.
      I ada terlihat satu page tempatan di fb, Lunavocy yg menjual BBW mini candle secara pre-order dgn harga serendah rm40, so boleh cuba

    3. berapa harga perfume VS di Kuching tu? selalunya yg jual di kedai ni mahal berbanding online. mini candle pre-order RM40 tu termasuk postage ke? :)

  5. Perfume VS di Scentiments shop, Kuching dijual dgn harga rm69 east Malaysia price manakala mini candle pre-order harganya rm40 termasuk postage. U can check their fb official page, Lunavocy. :)