Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#3 : Wishlist Wednesday

Hello... bloggers!!!

1. Jovian Mandagie for Zalora Finara

Folly red Finara baju kurung by Jovian Mandagie for Zalora features
mixed embellishments at center front neckline. Comanding yet true to its
feminine roots, this dramatic baju kurung set is perfect for dressy occasions.

I love very much Jovian Mandagie design of kebaya , peplum, baju kurung & dress.
He is number one top of my list fav designer. I pick Finara because I like
the sleeve design. the price is RM420. too expensive, right? pheww..
do you heard about Orked by Jovian Mandagie for Tesco? I missed the pre-order
period. oh why!!!! I'm so sad because Orked design is very interesting and have a
soft color suitable for engagement day. plus, the price is lower than at Zalora.
I hope Jovian Mandagie will sells Orked collections at Zalora for his customer 
in Sabah/Sarawak. So, we can save money without wasting another money to buy
a flight ticket. I hope that too he will give an affordable price for everyone who had
low budget(like me) but want to be look perfect for special occasion on his next
collections. please Mr. Jovian, I'm begging you...

2. Hello Kitty Brush Set

A brush set with a collectible Hello Kitty Container.
This set of quality makeup brushes comes in a large metallic silver
Hello Kitty container. to reveal the brushes inside, simply lift Kitty's head.
each brush features synthetic white bristles with pink tips. include Face Brush,
Eyeshadow Brush, Shader/Blending Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Lip Brush
and collectible Hello Kitty brush container. the collectible Hello Kitty brush
container is reusable, includes a plastic cup that can be removed for easy cleaning
and measures 4 x 4.5 x 6.5"

I really want this Hello Kitty Brush Set. what more can I say?
It's too cute!

3. Wonderstruck Enchanted Set by Taylor Swift

The bottle is designed like the original, this time colored in crimson red with
golden details. Charms around the neck of the bottle include a bird, a flower,
a leaf and a sparkling crystal. 

This is a second perfume by Taylor Swift called Wonderstruck Enchanted.
I've been already sniff when I was at Sephora, KLCC last March. I love it.
It smells like sweet fruity floral. I love the bottle too. looks beautiful and feminine.
I hope I will get this set under RM200.

4. Shimmer Eyeshadow by NARS

I have been wanting NARS for a very long time but too pricey to me. 
now, NARS Private Sale is on. up to 50% off for selected items only.
maybe, I will buy something. will see...

5. Peep-Toe Bootie Shoe by Sembonia

These sexy peep toes are a bang on for the military trend. One of the
most iconic shoes of our time, it goes without saying that every woman
needs a pair of Sembonia Peep-Toe Bootie.

When i saw this for the first time I fell in love with this boots. It's hard
 to find perfect boots for an affordable price. It's only RM59.00 after discount.
I have a pair boots style(not really boots like this) from Vincci. same color,
but for this boots I prefer Dark Grey. Oh no! I should showed you Dark Grey
boots not Brown. wrong picture. sorry.. hewhew..

6. Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene

I heard so many good reviews about this mask. It's quite interesting to try on. 
 Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment developed by a dermatologist
that helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores.
No animal testing and no animal ingredients.

What is your wishlist?

Do share with me by leave the link below.
I would love to know your wishlist too.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!


Apa kata anda? KOMEN je ...


  1. no 2, dgn 3 sama.hehe. enchanted tu ada tanye wangian dihati. xde lagi la jenis set. sis tetap nak tunggu dia punya. tau mesti dia akan jual. lama pn xpe. nak beli kt luar tau2 je la harga. sure orang lain xde jual murah mcm dia bwh RM200

    1. yay, sama! ada geng. hehe.. tu la lama pun takpe kan. asalkan dapat. saya pun tunggu wangiandihati jual. nanti kalau sis dulu nampak, inform saya yea. maklum la line internet ni kdg2 ok kdg2 tak ok. huhu..

  2. 5 & 6! sy xpenah ada boots lg..harus beli ni..murah plak tu..Mint Julep Masque..pun dlm wishlist sy..

    1. murah kan dari Sembonia lagi tu. Mint Julep Masque tu teringin nak cuba.:)

  3. stylish la Beep Toe Bootie Shoe dari Sembonia tu.. kalau pakai dgn matching skinny jeans mesti cantik :) atau short dress..he

  4. mana nak beli hello kitty brushes tu. comel sangat! ishhhh

    1. Hello Kitty tu ada di Sephora, USA. comel kan?geram tengok.:)

  5. i want 2 & 4 too. hai there!... jalan jalan cuci mata kat sini

    1. hai there too! Hello Kitty brush set memang pilihan ramai. hehe.. Alpah dah try produk NARS?:)